Covers-3-v2insider’s view of space – civil & military, past & future

  • sending humans back to the Moon
  • monitoring the Earth from space

These are some of the big questions on which Pat Norris has worked during his career and which you can now learn about in the books he has written. His experience in building up one of Europe’s most successful space IT companies allows him to read behind the hype of today’s space headlines and make informed forecasts of what lies ahead. 

He describes what really happened in the Soviet Union and in the USA during the Cold War, not only in the race to the Moon but also in the race to monitor nuclear weapons on both sides of the Iron Curtain – helping to set today’s space programs in a global and historical context.

You can find out more about Pat’s career and life from interviews and articles published in recent years

  • BBC Newsnight’s Apollo Brits celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11
  • the European Space Agency’s Pathfinder webpage celebrating Pat’s Apollo achievements
  • an Irish Times article and video about Pat’s life and early career
  • a Royal Institute of Navigation video about the navigation challenges of the Apollo missions
  • audio recording of his Royal Aeronautical Society lecture on “the other space race” about spy satellites in the Cold War
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